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ORCHARD, Texas (April 5, 2017) - Billy Jaynes of Exclusive Genetics is pleased to announce that Karah Hiles has been selected as the Interim President of Bucking Bull Games (BBG). Hiles will be instrumental in selecting the new President while serving in this role until Jayne’s permanent successor is hired. Jaynes left BBG on April 3rd to assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of Championship Bull Riding.

A four year veteran of the company, Karah began her career with Bucking Bull Games as an Assistant Event Coordinator. She was promoted rapidly to Event Coordinator while simultaneously assuming the BBG digital media management. She guided the company thru the rebranding of Exclusive Genetics to Bucking Bull Games and was promoted to Director of Operations in the process.

"The future I see for the Bucking Bulls Games, is merging the entertainment gap between the bull and rider competitions and futurities. Being one of the highest payouts in the industry, I hope to grow BBG and put in place a new President that will advance BBG on that very path” said Hiles.

In addition she manages every aspect of the Bucking Bull Games Fantasy site and Buyabucker.com and attributes success to her ability to handle the variety of crisis and chaos that surrounds competitive environments and her passion for the bucking bull business and competition.

"Different things every single day, different challenges arise every day with my hands in all the pots, I can pet bulls, flank bulls, video, upload and manage and I love every second of it,” continued Hiles.

Hiles is a native of Rio Grande City, Texas where she went to high school competing in swimming and track and field as well as being active in FFA and 4- H programs. Hiles moved to Houston after college to pursue a career in corporate real estate leasing including managing Executive Suites in Houston.

She currently resides in San Marcos, Texas with a temporary headquarters in Orchard, Texas, home of the Jaynes Gang, Exclusive Genetics, and Bucking Bull Games. Hiles attributes her connection and enthusiasm for the bucking bull industry to growing up on a farm specialized in breeding and raising white tail deer and her love and appreciation of competition and livestock.

Hiles founded her own digital media company, Marrazo Media, formerly Karah Lynette Media which manages BBG’s Digital Media as well as Buyabucker.com. Hiles company has a diverse industry and business portfolio from apparel to television production.

 "We are fortunate to have been able to hire an excellent manager with ties to the business during this transitional period. Karah’s experience and knowledge and open-mind about the industry and its needs, her overall expertise, and enthusiasm will serve us well, "said Jaynes.

For more information contact Karah@buckingbullgames.com, www.BuckingBullGames.com; https://www.facebook.com/EGBuckingBulls/