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BBG Announces 2017 Schedule (September 15, 2016 05:38:56 PM)

Exciting New Elements for Next Year, including BIG BONUS PAYMENTS!

Bucking Bull Games Announces Big Changes to 2017 Program


New Season to Feature 10 Events and $100,000 Bonus for Top Bull



ORCHARD, TXThe Bucking Bull Games (BBG), which, since 2011, has positively impacted many lives with its annual Million-Dollar Bucking Bull Championship, has announced several key revisions for the 2017 season, aiming to bring even more excitement and big payouts to bucking bull owners.


The most notable change is to the structure of the million-dollar payout in the BBG program.  In previous years, the entire pot of prize money has been paid to the Top 25 bulls at the Finals event in Las Vegas, typically held during the same week as the PBR World Finals. 


Starting in 2017, BBG’s total purse will be based on the number of bulls that enter to compete at the Finals ($5,000 per bull entered), meaning that the total pot will increase to MORE THAN one million dollars once the program grows to more than 200 bulls.  A portion ($250,000) will be paid to the best bulls at the conclusion of the BBG regular season events, and the balance of the total pot will be paid to the Top 25 bulls at the Finals.


For 2017, the BBG will feature 10 regular season events, as well as the Preliminary and Final rounds of the Million-Dollar Bucking Bull Championship.  In addition, the BBG will again host the highly-successful Mid-Summer Finale, for which bulls must qualify based on points from regular season events.  This year, the qualifying bulls competed for $158,000—with that amount expected to increase in 2017—and the qualifying bulls will compete for that added money with NO ENTRY FEES.


"Every sport has a regular season, and the successful athletes are rewarded by going to the playoffs,” said Billy Jaynes, Bucking Bull Games CEO.  "After watching our program evolve, we realized that what our regular season has been missing is a big reward for the animal athletes that go hard during the regular season, and we think this fixes that.  We will still have a Preliminary where 15 more bulls will advance to the Finals, so bulls that peak late, or owners that do not want to attend the regular season events, will still have a way to qualify for the big year-end payout.”


Continuing from 2016 will be the point system used to rank the bulls competing in BBG events (which this year allowed three bulls to automatically qualify for the Finals and skip the Preliminary round).  After the regular season events, the ten bulls with the highest point totals will earn a bonus payment (see amounts below) AND be automatically qualified for the final round of the 2017 Million-Dollar Bucking Bull Championship, thus guaranteeing them a SECOND check


Bulls finishing outside the top 10 after the regular season will enter the Preliminary event, where 15 will earn berths in the Finals.


2017 REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE                                                             2017 REGULAR SEASON BONUS AMOUNTS

Jan. 7, 2017          BBG Qualifier 1    Cowboys’ Dancehall (San Antonio, TX)           First:                     $100,000

Jan. 21, 2017       BBG Qualifier 2    The Jaynes’ Gang Ranch (Orchard, TX)           Second:                $25,000

Feb. 4, 2017         BBG Qualifier 3    The Jaynes’ Gang Ranch (Orchard, TX)           Third:                    $18,750

Feb. 25, 2017       BBG Qualifier 4    The Jaynes’ Gang Ranch (Orchard, TX)           Fourth:                 $12,500

Mar. 11, 2017      BBG Qualifier 5    Mineral Wells, TX                                             Fifth:                     $6,250

Mar. 25, 2017      BBG Qualifier 6    The Jaynes’ Gang Ranch (Orchard, TX)           Sixth:                    $5,625

Apr. 1, 2017         BBG Qualifier 7    The Jaynes’ Gang Ranch (Orchard, TX)           Seventh:               $5,000

Apr. 22, 2017       BBG Qualifier 8    B Bar J Ranch (Columbus, TX)                          Eighth:                  $4,000

May 6, 2017         BBG Qualifier 9    Ada, OK                                                              Ninth:                   $3,750

May 20, 2017      BBG Qualifier 10  Graham, TX                                                       Tenth:                   $3,500


May 27, 2017      Mid-Summer Finale*         The Jaynes’ Gang Ranch (Orchard, TX)

*By qualification only—NO entry fees