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TOP YOUNG BULLS SET TO SHINE IN ST. LOUIS (February 11, 2016 02:08:52 PM)


 ORCHARD, TX—Every sport has its hallowed grounds.  Baseball has Yankee Stadium; football has Lambeau Field.  For bucking bulls, it is the Built Ford Tough Series of the PBR.  On February 12, five bulls from Exclusive Genetics, and their owners, will experience their dream of competing on the nation’s biggest stage at the Bucking Bull Games (BBG) All Star Showcase in St. Louis, Missouri.


Based on their cumulative scores from BBG All Star Qualifiers 1-6, the bulls competing this weekend are:

Just Kidding (owned by Gary Long, career earnings of $31,052.50), Tap Out (Don McKenzie, $9,731.88),

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Bob Whisnant/North-South Bucking Bulls/J.B. Mauney, $20,831.25), Mr. Freeze (Conway Reimer & Kevin Buckley, $45,980), and Peek-A-Boo (Brad & Jamie Bays, $33,093.75).


Both Satisfaction Guaranteed and Tap Out are making their second appearance in the Showcase, having competed on January 22 in Oklahoma City.  Satisfaction Guaranteed won that event, earning more than $2,700.  Shortly after that championship buck, majority owner of the bull, Bob Whisnant, struck a deal with defending PBR world champion J.B. Mauney for Mauney to become a partner in the superstar animal.


Already proven as an elite, young bull, Tap Out is currently for saleIf YOU would like to own a champion bull and compete at PBR events and the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship, contact the Exclusive Genetics Sales and Marketing Office at 832.844.2855.  If this bull is sold before he competes this weekend, the new owner will receive the winnings from the Showcase—an automatic payout just hours after making a deal!


When Exclusive Genetics CEO Billy Jaynes developed the All Star Series concept—providing multiple events for the best young bulls in the nation to earn an opportunity to be seen by thousands of fans around the nation—the primary objective was to give bull owners as many chances as possible to win money. 


To illustrate that point, the highest-earning bull to date, Doc Holliday, missed qualifying for St. Louis by less than two points.  Even without this guaranteed payout, though, that bull, since November, has already won more than $135,000, proving that Exclusive Genetics continues to be the industry-leader in giving bucking bull owners the Thrill of a Lifetime.


At this event, and all of the All Star showcase events at BFTS competitions, there are no entry fees for the qualifying bulls—they buck...and win.


Showcase Payouts in St. Louis                                                

               First:                     $5,951.25           

               Second:                $4,959.38           

               Third:                    $3,967.50           

               Fourth:                 $2,975.63           

               Fifth:                     $1,983.75