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Qualifier 6 Settles Field for February PBR Events (January 20, 2016 04:15:43 PM)

Exciting Bucking Bull Games and ALL IN Tournament Sends Elite Bulls to St. Louis & Kansas City

ORCHARD, TX—For eight young bulls, there were eight unique journeys.  Despite the different curves on their roads, though, these bulls will, ultimately, meet in the same place: the bright lights and roaring crowds of the PBR.


With the completion of the sixth All Star event of the 2016 season today, the top bulls competing on both the Exclusive Genetics Bucking Bull Games and ALL IN Player’s Championship circuits clinched their spots in the Showcase events during PBR Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) competitions.


Based on their cumulative scores from All Star Qualifiers 1-6, the bulls earning a trip to St. Louis on February 12 are: Just Kidding (owned by Gary Long), Tap Out (Don McKenzie), Satisfaction Guaranteed (Bob Whisnant/North-South Bucking Bulls), Mr. Freeze (Conway Reimer & Kevin Buckley), and Peek-A-Boo (Brad & Jamie Bays).


In the ALL IN Player’s Championship, All Star Qualifiers 4-6 led to Kansas City on February 20, and three bulls from St. Louis will also compete there: Tap Out, Satisfaction Guaranteed, and Mr. Freeze.  They will be joined by Dr. Dippin (Gary Long & Leap of Faith Bucking Bulls). 


For the fifth, and final, spot in Kansas City, there is a tie between Doc Holliday (McKenzie/Novak/Reimer/Whisnant) and Huckleberry (Johnston/Rogers/Minchin/Hale).  To break the tie, the cumulative scores for each bull from the three qualifying events—different from their "qualifying points”—were compared. 

Huckleberry advances to Kansas City by 4.65 points (238.05-233.40).


 At these events, and all of the All Star showcase events at BFTS competitions, there are no entry fees for the qualifying bulls—they buck...and win.


Showcase Payouts                                       

                                             St. Louis (EG Qualifiers 1-6)          Kansas City (ALL IN Qualifiers 4-6)

                                             First:                     $5,951.25            First:                     $3,195.00

                                             Second:                $4,959.38            Second:                $2,662.50

                                             Third:                    $3,967.50            Third:                    $2,130.00

                                             Fourth:                 $2,975.63            Fourth:                 $1,597.50

                                             Fifth:                     $1,983.75            Fifth:                     $1,065.00


Highlighting the excitement that the format of the qualification series has produced for the first six events, only two of the ten positions for the St. Louis and Kansas City events had been clinched prior to today’s competition (Just Kidding and Tap Out, both in the EG standings for St. Louis).


Here is how All Star Qualifier 6 affected the Showcase standings:




With Just Kidding and Tap Out having clinched spots, 11 bulls had a mathematical chance of earning one of the other three tickets to the Gateway City.  Three of them did not compete today, and three others did not earn a qualifying score (more than 84 points).


Satisfaction Guaranteed led off All Star Qualifier 6 with a score of 87.40, which would be the third-highest mark of the day, to earn the third spot.  Mr. Freeze matched that score on his buck to claim the fourth position. 


The highlight of the day came from Peek-A-Boo.  Eighth in the standings after five events, and having never scored more than 86 points, he amazed both the judges and the crowd with his buck, earning 93.50 points to win the EG Champions class and claim the final spot in the ShowcaseHis score is the highest earned by any bull in a Bucking Bull Games or ALL IN event this season.


Peek-A-Boo’s win came at the expense of Doc Holliday.  Holliday entered the competition in fifth place, but posted a non-qualifying score of 60.60, dropping him to sixth—1.55 points behind Peek-A-Boo.




Through All Star Qualifiers 4-5, nine bulls were in contention for the five Kansas City spots.  Puzzlingly, three owners chose not to enter their bulls in All Star Qualifier 6, even though each bull would have made the Top 5 just by scoring their career average.  Each of the six bulls that did compete earned a trip to the Showcase (dependent on result of tie between Doc Holliday and Huckleberry).


Tap Out, Satisfaction Guaranteed, and Mr. Freeze used their very strong scores to claim three positions, just as they did for St. Louis.  Dr. Dippin, who was the top-ranked bull entering today, posted a non-qualifying 80.60 and dropped to the fourth spot.  Doc Holliday and Huckleberry (65.25) were tied in the standings after All Star Qualifiers 4-5, and they both also posted non-qualifying scores, which resulted in their tie for the final spot.  Despite having non-qualifying bucks, each of the final three bulls finished not more than 4.80 points behind Mr. Freeze.


In order for a bull to complete a qualifying buck, he must receive a score of more than 84.00 points.  If he does, that score will equal the number of points applied to the standings.  For scores less than 84, a bull will receive 1.00 point in the standings. 



St. Louis                                                                                          

                                  ASQ 1-5 Total  ASQ 6     FINAL                                                                

Just Kidding                   444.20        85.80     530.00                 

Tap Out                          429.00        86.00     515.00                 

Satisfaction Guaranteed       347.60         87.40     435.00                 

Mr. Freeze                      268.40        87.40     355.80                 

Peek-A-Boo                    256.65        93.50     350.15                 

Doc Holliday                  347.60        1.00       348.60                 

Go Blue                           260.60        85.75     346.35


Kansas City

                                             ASQ 4-5 Total      ASQ 6     FINAL

Satisfaction Guaranteed      172.40              87.40     259.80

Tap Out                                  171.20               86.00     257.20

Mr. Freeze                              91.20                 87.40     178.60

Dr. Dippin                               176.80               1.00       177.80

Huckleberry*                         172.80                1.00       173.80

Doc Holliday                          172.80                 1.00       173.80

*Wins tie-breaker over Doc Holliday