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Customer Comments

November 04, 2014

A note of Thanks

Teresa Workman


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Billy, I wanted to take this time to personally thank you and your staff for everything you do. When I was watching my bull’s Video, I thought back to how it was when we first started our journey with bucking bulls and how it has changed. The competitive careers of bucking bulls have changed over the past few years. Now your program and the bucking bull industry have extended the bucking bull’s competitive career to include yearling events thanks you first creating the Vegas Shootout (now the Lone Star Shootout) back in 2010. Before that, there was no yearling events. This allows the up and coming superstar bulls to start competing at a younger age. Also, additional rider events have been added to the Bucking Bull Games to extend the competitive career for bulls after their futurity year. The new Bucking Bull Games’ bull and rider tournament, provides another platform for bulls to compete as a rider bull. You are always trying to find new ways for bull owners to get the most out of their bucking bull's competitive careers, like your Underdog program you created in 2014, which proved to provide a way for bulls that would have never won before a chance to win big! Some of those Underdog bulls won over $10,000 and more importantly allowed their owners to experience the “winner’s circle” and we all know how important that is. When we started there weren’t many opportunities for individuals to own bucking bulls. Your program has lead the way in making it possible for people like me to own competitive bucking bulls. It has been exciting to witness how the bucking bull industry has evolved over the past few years. We have seen positive changes on many levels. It will be interesting to see where the bucking bull industry goes in the next couple of years. Again, thank you for not only making your program, but also the bucking bull industry better.