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Cattle Details

Dippin Sal

Cattle Name:
Dippin Sal

Cattle #:


M526 is the mother to ONE MORE DIP a great 2010 futurity bull that helped Jonathan Jaynes win the 2010 ABBI youth championship. She also has great genetics as she is a daughter of Reindeer Dippin and her mother is a daughter of PBR superstar bull Night Life(son of Houdini). she is also the mother to 2013 MDF bull Backdraft.

Sire Info: Reindeer Dippin ()

Reindeer Dippin is the sire to this cow and his performance as a PBR bull is well known (in case you do not know click on here http://probullstats.com/bulls/1135/ ) but what is not well known is his ability to be a good sire also. For example, superstar PBR bull Bushwacker is sired by Reindeer Dippin. An example of a Reindeer daughter producing is One More Dip's mom as she is a daughter of Reindeer Dippin.

Dam Info: 25 (X25 Night Life Daughter)

X25 is a daughter of Night Life who was a great PBR bull ( see Pro Bull stats http://probullstats.com/bulls/5288/ )

X25 is also deep in Plummer genetics including DNA verified Spook genetics.


Registration Papers:


Dippin Sal

One More Dip, Son of Dippin Sal

Jonathan Jaynes receiving his ABBI champion awards won by One More Dip 2010


One More Dip, son of Dippin Sal at 2010 Spring Spectacular

One More Dip, son of Dippin Sal

Dippin Sal bucking when she was a yearling

25 (X25 Night Life Daughter)

Reindeer Dippin ()