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Breeder Bull Certification

Exclusive Genetics Breeder Certification Program
Everything You Want to Know

An Industry Ready to Explode
The bucking bull industry is experiencing major growth. Yes, the tried-and-true breeders who buck their own bulls are still the backbone, but a new group of customers are infusing major cash into the industry.

A New Breed of Customers
The new breed of customer are wealthy. They enter the industry because of their passion for the sport and the desire to become "stock contractors.” They are business owners, corporate executives, and professionals who are entering the sport due to their love of PBR, CBR and PRCA. They want to compete in high-payout, high-quality events where they can enjoy great hospitality and fellowship. They want an experience similar to being a top thoroughbred horse owner.

The Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship (now part of EG’s Bucking Bull Games) Started It All

Also, what was once just one event called the Million Dollar Futurity is now a series of many Bucking Bull Games that include yearling bulls, two-year-old bulls (World's largest-paying Bucking Bull Championship,) and even rider events for three-year-old and up bulls.
The MDBBC has led the way to cultivating and bringing new customers into the industry. The proof in the growth of the Exclusive Genetics program can be judged by both the strong retention rate of our original customer base and the welcoming of new participants into our family each year.

How do Customers Find You, the Breeder?

The process of finding customers of means, helping them select the best calves, and retaining you to train their bulls involves careful planning, marketing, and advertising. This has been the centerpiece of Exclusive Genetics' success. By participating in the Exclusive Genetics Breeder Certification program, you will benefit from the marketing and promotion EG provides to move your operation to the next level.

Is Your Calf Crop Undervalued?

If you have a solid, well-rooted breeding program you should be getting top value for your calf crop. With the infusion of new cash into the industry, you should be looking to increase the value of your cattle herd, and EG and EG’s Bucking Bull Games Certification program will do just that.

What is the Breeder Certification Program?
Simply put, the Breeder Certification Program allows you to add tremendous cash value to your calves by having them certified to compete in all of EG’s Bucking Bull Games, which includes an annual tour of events that pay out a total of approximately two million dollars in prize money to the owners of these EG-certified bulls.

Why is EG Opening the EG’s Bucking Bull Games to Outside Bulls?
Our program is only going to continue to thrive and grow as a result of the success of the industry as a whole. The new strategy to allow the incoming investor the option to select from a variety of breeders and trainers should open the door for anyone who thinks they have the secret to creating the rankest bull on the planet. We believe that, in the short term, there will be ten or less breeders that raise bulls for the MDBBC, and investors who want to play for the BIG BUCKS will go to these breeders to create their chance at the BIG WIN--a $500,000 win ( when a bull is 2 years old). Investors want to get creative, they want options, and you, the breeder, can give them choices.  
Additionally, we have changed the payout, so that we will put up $5,000 for every bull that competes at the Million dollar Bucking Bull Championship. That means, if 200 compete, we still pay out $1,000,000...BUT, if 400 bulls compete, the payout will double.  We believe that, by opening the program up to outside bulls, the numbers, as well as the payouts, will continue to grow every year. 

How Do I Increase My Yearly Profits through Breeder Certification?
The Sky is the limit! Get creative! But the obvious is through selling these calves for amounts close to or more than double your certification fee. Additionally, your training revenues will soar because your bulls will win a lot more by attending bigger-paying events. If your bulls do buck, and you do produce winners, just imagine the increased revenues from female and semen sales. If you raise buckers, get ready to raise your bottom line.

When Do I Certify My Calves?

How Do I Participate?

2016-Born Calf Certification

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