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BBG hosted a Budro class at its Border Town shootout and the winner of that event, Wired To Hook, became the first bull to qualify for the 2018 B&R Tournament which will start on October 1, 2018 at Border Town Casino & Arena.   BBG also hosted two more Budro events at BBG tour stop 1 (winner-86C Invince-A-Bull) and BBG Tour Stop 2 (winner-551 Stankface) and the winners of each of these Budro events will qualify for the tournament finale.

BBG will host a B&R class at each of its 10 new BBG tour stops and the annual Mid Summer Finale. As in the past the winners of these events will be based on Bull Score + Ride Time (bull must me ridden 3 seconds or longer to get a score and be considered for payouts).  For purposes of obtaining bull's average and bull's place in the standings he will get a bull score + ride time regardless of the amount of time ridden.  In order for a bull to be eligible to qualify he must go to a minimum of 3 BBG tour stop events. If a bull goes to more than 3 events only his best 3 scores will be considered for his average.

After the Mid Summer Finale, the 5 bulls with the best bull score + ride time average will join Wired To Hook, Invince-A-Bull and Stankface as the 8 bulls that will compete at this years BBG Bull & Rider Tournament finale.

For riders to qualify for the tournament they also must attend a minimum of three tour stop events. The riders will qualify based on average time ridden and their average will be based on their 3 best ride times.

The entry fees at regular season events will be $1,000 + $500 tournament qualifying fee for the bulls and $0 for the riders with $2,500 added per regular season event

The entry fees for the B&R finals will be $2,500 for the bull and no entry fee at the tournament finale for the riders 

Estimated payout for the riders at B&R tournament Finale
1st- $10,000
4th- $2,500

Estimated payout for bulls at B&R tournament finale
1st- $20,000
2nd- $15,000