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2014 EFL

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*13 Teams Available For Sale*

Created for EG Million Dollar Bull Owners

As most of you know, we are known as the futurity company that has the biggest payouts, and our goal is to make even more big payouts so that we can see many Million Dollar bull owners receive a nice reward for their investment in the Bucking Bull Business.

With all this in mind, EG is happy to announce the formation of the Exclusive Futurity League (EFL). Just like football has the NFL for team events, we figured it was time for bucking bull futurities to have some elite team contest for a team of bulls! The EFL will consist of a three bull team that will be a minimum of 2 Million Dollar futurity bulls. The three bulls will add their scores together to see how they finish as a team. We will have two events during the year held along with our Champions Tour followed by a Wildcard event. With 20 Teams, the winning team at each event will receive $20,000 and the winning team at the EFL finals will receive $31,875.00!

We hope to grow the EFL to the point where the winning team eventually wins as much as the champion MDF bull... $500,000!

This concept is going to be fun as MDF owners team their bulls up to compete against other owners' teams! Every team is allowed to bring in one outside bull.

The cost of the EFL franchise is $5,000 and they will not last! If you are interested respond by e-mail to billy@exclusivegenetics.com

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The Champs owned by Brad & Jamie Bays

EFL Top 2 Teams

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