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Top 2014 ALL IN Pick

2014 ALL IN Player's Championship Draft

15 ALL IN Bulls Favorites

These 15 bulls were specially selected by trainers, owners and judges.
We asked them to give us their Top 15 picks from the 31 ALL IN Bulls and then we averaged everyone's picks to come up with the Top 15

15 Favorites in order:

EG3018Bobby T
EG3371Racer XX
EG3525Smokin Hot!
EG3078Cold One
EG3099Stinkin Rich
EG3137Oh! My Fever
EG3040Handy Man
EG3287Half As Much
EG3466In The Latch
EG3310Giddy Up
EG3447Fair Shake
EG3434Golden Ring
EG3070Bragging Rights