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What skills do I need to own a bucking bull?

Not many really! Just a passion for our sport and a desire to be more than a fan... Read More

Who will train my bull?

The vast majority of our owners leave their bulls in our program, and for good reason! Read More

How much is my initial investment?

The initial investment for the 100% ownership of a bull calf based on genetics is between $10,000-$15,000. Read More

What are the advantages of being a bucking bull owner?

Our customers tell us that owning a bucking bull has given them the ability to really understand the bucking bull industry... Read More


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Meet Our Preferred Trainer

The Jaynes'Gang Trained Bull Winnings

GRAND TOTAL to date = $4,755,397.32
...and counting! Click here for more information!

Check out their Bull Barn and their Bull Walker
Click Here for Bucking Bull Training Questions & Answers
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